First class airlines worldwide

Are you interested in learning more about flying first class, and want to find the airlines that offer the most luxurious flight experience? Take part of our guide to the highest level of flying.

first class airlines

What is a first class flight?

First class is available on both domestic and international flights, but usually the experience is way more luxurious if you fly internationally. International first class can differ quite between different airlines, but some premises are common to all operators. First of all, you will be guaranteed a comfortable and spacious seating, many times with the possibility of privacy.

With a first class seat you will get the best possible service, together with top notch food and beverages – normally to an unlimited amount. Also, the first class experience starts before you enter the plane with access to private lounges and priority check-in and boarding.

What is the difference between business and first class?

Normally, business class is found between economy and first class being the intermediate option when flying. Though in some cases airlines offer business class as the highest level of flying. In business class you can expect a higher quality of seating, service and food/drinks, especially when it comes to international connections.

Find first class airlines all over the world

If you want to learn more about the airlines that offer the highest percentage of first class seats, we can give you a hand. By following the links below you can read more about the first class operators in each continent.

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