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Aer Lingus is an Irish airline with its main hub at the airport of Dublin. The airline is the flag carrier of Ireland and offers flights to almost 100 destinations both in Europe and in the US. They also have three focus cities – New York, London and Manchester. Aer Lingus isn’t a part of any international alliance, but codeshares with American Airlines.

Aer Lingus re-launches Jersey to Dublin flights on May 11
New route Aer Lingus opens flights to Chicago from Knoxville
New airline Aer Lingus launches flights to Chicago from Knoxville
Re-launch On May 11, Aer Lingus will re-launch flights from Jersey to Belfast
Re-launch Flights with Aer Lingus from Belfast to Jersey will resume on May 11
Re-launch Flights from DUB to Jersey with Aer Lingus will resume on May 11
Re-launch Aer Lingus plans to restart Minneapolis-Dublin flights on Apr 29
New route Fly with Aer Lingus from ORK to Lyon
New route Flights from Lyon to Cork with Aer Lingus are now available
New route New airline: Aer Lingus from London to Belfast
New route Aer Lingus opens new route from Dublin to Denver on May 17
New airline Travel to Lyon from Cork with Aer Lingus
New airline Lyon-Cork flights now available with Aer Lingus
New airline New route. Fly to Belfast with Aer Lingus from London
New airline New Aer Lingus-route to Denver from DUB. Fly on May 17 or later
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An airline hub is an airport where the airline has a heavy presence and normally some kind of headquarters. On the other hand, a focus city is a destination where the airline operates limited point-to-point routes. In these cities, the airline doesn’t necessarily need to have an office (even though this sometimes is the case). Many low-cost airlines don't use the definition 'hub' but instead define their main airports of operations as an operating base.

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